Customer Testimonials

“They do great work and stand behind it. A faucet they installed developed a leak over a year later and they came out & repaired and even repaired drywall damage with no questions. Most places would not have done that. Mistakes happen in any business, but how well you recover is what defines a really good business. These guys are it.” -Burr Dee


“There is nothing else to say but “They are the best, fastest, and most honest plumbers in the area!”. We have had them do simple jobs such as change out fixtures and traumatic jobs like replacing the leaking main water line to our house.” -Jim Kotsianas


“The water line in the front yard was broken and we had a pool in the front yard. I called and they came out in about an hour and fixed it in a short time. The guy was up to his elbows in mud and the reason is they use a shovel to get to the line. This does less damage to the yard. Fabulous work.” -Alisa Edmonds


“I accidentally stumbled across Eidemiller when a business friend recommended them after we lost water to our equipment. This was a huge shut down for a small business and Randy personally sent someone within an hour. The technician explained everything he was going to do, showed me the parts he was going to use, and was done and had us up and running in less than an hour. Since then I have used them twice and experienced quick and attentive service. I highly recommend!” -Kelly Milligan


“These guys are fantastic – if you’re looking for an honest, professional, and fair plumbing company, Eidemiller Plumbing is the way to go. These guys showed up on time, charged a reasonable price for a clog we had, and were an all-around class act. Trent and his team are true experts, and incredibly trustworthy. I would highly recommend them, and never hesitate to call them!” -Daniel Monday


“I’m very happy with Eidemiller Plumbing, Trent is incredibly honest and hardworking. I am a kitchen and bathroom designer and we use Eidemiller. Last week I sent Trent out to look at replacing some old cast iron plumbing for one of my clients. After a thorough inspection, Trent determined that it was actually in very good shape and advised them not to replace it. I really appreciated his honesty, someone with less integrity could’ve done the work even though it was unnecessary and profited. Eidemiller does excellent work, I would recommend them 100%” -Leslie Mitchell


“Owner and his crew have shown up in the middle of the night to deal with emergencies in my “middle-aged” home. If you have plumbing, Trent and his guys are AWESOME. Call these guys when your plumbing needs to be fixed right the first time.”  -Brian Tankerslay


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